Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blueberry Farm

Matthew's aunt and uncle went to this blueberry farm a few weeks ago and told us about it. We went Saturday morning with my brother and his family. It was the cutest little farm ever. I really enjoy spending time with my family in places like this. We all had a little bucket to fill with blueberries, the trick was to pick the ones under the bush, in between the leaves where the sun isn't too hot. They were the yummiest blueberries I've ever tasted. Uzziah and his cousin Elijah had the most fun. They went up and down the aisle picking the bluest blueberries they could find. If they saw a semi-green blueberry in my bucket they would argue, "you're not supposed to pick the green ones, only the blue ones." At the end the blueberries are weighed for price and stored into a plastic fruit basket for you to take home. Loved it, so much fun, Uzziah kept saying how much fun he'd had at the farm. We picked and brought home about 3 lbs. of blueberries.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Sunday

This is easter morning opening up easter baskets.
Here they are in their easter sunday outfits that my mother-in-law Rachel got them. All I can say is SUPER ADORABLE!
We had a wonderful easter sunday at aunt Jenny's house.
My little Sofia found herself a friend, she was hugging and loving this 3yr old named Aaron. She couldn't get enough of him and he just let her give him as many hugs as she desired. So funny. Here he was trying to play koosh ball and she kept distracting him.
We had another easter egg hunt and broke two piñatas, so the kids got plenty of candy to last till Halloween. My mother-in-law Rachel made the piñatas, which looked so professional, I just loved them.
We also celebrated aunt Jenny and uncle Steve's birthday. We ended the night by seeing them open up presents, after which poor uncle Johnny fell on his back and hit his head trying to walk down a two step deck with his walker. What a day!